German Centre for Rail Traffic Research at the Federal Railway Authority

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Topic: publication, publication from: 2019.11.07

Quantification of the need to retrofit freight wagon fleets in Germany and member states of the European Union in light of the differing legal frameworks

EBA-Forschungsbericht 2018-12, November 2019, 2 Seiten, PDF, ca. 0,01 MB

Summary (EN)

Rail freight transport accounted for approx. 12% of total freight transport in Europe in 2015. Due to the in-crease in transport services in rail freight transport the burden through rail freight transport noise pollution increased significantly in Germany and other European countries in recent decades. To ensure that rail freight transport continues to be one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, traffic with “noisy” freight wagons has been banned on the German rail network from December 2020 onwards.

This working paper quantified the need to retrofit the freight wagon fleets in Germany and other European countries. Applying different legal scenarios that are based on the ban of “noisy” freight wagons in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria. The analysis focuses on different data sources (e.g. ECVRR, URR and NVR) and interviews with wagon keepers and RUs.