German Centre for Rail Traffic Research at the Federal Railway Authority

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Topic: research programme

Federal Research Programme of Rail Transport

Bundesforschungsprogramm Schiene

The Federal Research Programme of Rail Transport was created as an independent research programme for rail transport. The Federal Research Programme of Rail Transport uses an integrative approach as it focusses on the topics of economic efficiency, environment and sustainable mobility, and safety.

The superior goal is that rail transport continually and durably gains a significantly higher market share. To achieve this, the customers’ benefit has to be strengthened and the innovativeness of rail transport needs to be improved. Another superior goal is climate protection. Climate protection requires innovation. Through its high electrification degree and by using renewable energies, rail transport is already a pioneer for environmental protection in mobility.

Furthermore, the competitiveness of railways is increased by a high degree of safety. Moreover, it needs to be ensured that access to the railway system is improved. In a technically and structurally changing environment and as part of the digital transformation, the goal is to realize and efficiently apply the chances for rail transport.

Presenting the existing Federal Research Programme of Rail Transport, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure sets important milestones and goals in rail transport research for the coming years.